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Sunrise Feed & Supply's founder Ryan Howard has been involved in the feed & grain industry for over 15 years. With relationships formed across the farming industry he was finally able to fill a void for the area ranchers and commercial bee keepers alike.

At Sunrise Feed & Supply we cater to the hobbyist beekeeper as well as the professional commercial beekeeper industry. We provide pollination services by procuring bee hives and placing them in the ranch. We are available 24 hrs while being centrally hubbed in Oakdale California. Sunrise Feed & Supply offers a High Fructose corn syrup without the hassle. It is our business to make sure we have a personal relationship with the almond growers and beekeepers to cater to their demand and keep prices competitive. We also offer a number of products including HFCS 55, protein patties, dry feed and palates of sugar. If you are looking for a local supplier for bee feed or almond pollination with the best services available, give us a call at (209) 627-8114.


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